Basic Rider Course (BRC)

The Basic Rider Course (BRC) is ideal for beginners or people who need a refresher course. Some riders take this class several times until they feel comfortable enough for riding their own motorcycle. You do not need to have your permit or license for this class (The permit test can be completed either before or after taking our course).
The class is approximately 11 hours in length with an additional 4-5 hours of MANDITORY ONLINE CLASS.
The online class must be taken before the students arrival for the riding class on the range.

The registration fee for the class is $125 (non-refundable, non-transferable, rescheduling prohibited). We operate on a tight schedule. DO NOT ARRIVE LATE FOR CLASS! If you are not present at roll call, you will forfeit your seat in the class and your registration fee.

Course includes a MANDITORY ONLINE CLASS and on-cycle training with Motorcycle Safety Foundation Nationally Certified RiderCoaches. You must participate in all sessions. You must present your Certificate of Completion for the MANDITORY ONLINE CLASS upon arrival for the on-motorcycle riding class. You must pass a Skills Riding Test at the end of the Riding Exercises. Upon completion of the MANDITORY ONLINE CLASS and the Skills Test, you will receive a Course Completion Card which will help you obtain a Motorcycle License from the State of North Dakota.

The items needed for the Motorcycle-Riding portion of the Basic Rider Course are: (WE PROVIDE THE MOTORCYCLE)

  1. A Helmet – You must supply your own helmet for the class.
  2. Full fingered gloves.  
  3. Over the ankle boots or high-top tennis shoes.
  4. Eye protection – Eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles, or a full faced visor will qualify.
  5. A long-sleeved shirt or jacket.
  6. Full-lengths pants with no holes – denim is preferred.
  7. Warm cloths and rain suit if you have one. We will ride in cold conditions or rainy conditions.

Basic Rider Course (BRC) Scheduled Classes

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